Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

by Rudolph W. McKissick, Jr. 
December 26, 2011
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The battle between God and Satan, speaking from a point of imagery, has always been one between light and darkness. When Satan attempted to commit cosmic mutiny and take over heaven and God in righteous indignation had to kick him out, the prophet Isaiah says to us that it was like seeing a falling star.
Satan then became the ruler of darkness. Jesus on an occasion called Himself the Light of the world. Jesus then goes on to say about those who follow Him that YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. In other words, wherever there is darkness, when you show up you ought to change the substance of the environment.

Many of us growing up did not like the dark. If we were to be honest, many of us still don't like the dark. There is something seemingly sinister about it. It is hard to move around in the dark. You often cannot see objects that are in your way as you walk in the dark. I submit to you however, that it is in the dark where God determines the level of our trust in Him.

We are called to constantly seek the Lord. That means that our context or condition does not cancel out that mandate. Even when my life is in a dark place I am called to seek God. Many times God only moves a situation when it is dark and you are looking for Him. God will move things when you look for Him. I don't want you to miss what I am saying. If you seek the Lord, not to get you out, but just seeking the Lord in your dark hours, God will start to move things on your behalf. If you learn how to worship God when it's dark, seeking God's face and not His hand, you will look up and God will have moved some things, some situations, some people, and some difficulties out of your way, just because you didn't quit, but kept on seeking Him.

Some people can only seek Him when things are light, but real worshippers know how to seek Him even when it is dark. Sometimes God wants to see if you will praise Him in the dark like you expect the lights to come back on. That's the kind of praise and worship that will drive the devil crazy. He is the prince of darkness, which means he stakes some claim to dark territory and yet you have the nerve to worship God in territory that the enemy thinks is his. Somebody can say I am in a dark situation right now, but I have enough nerve to seek God no matter what I am going through.

Child of God, don't be afraid of the dark. God is there. He is active even if He seems absent. God is there in your darkest hours. God is omnipresent, which means there is no place where God's presence is not. If you seek God, then that presence will be made manifest to you even in the dark. Remember, God is there, so "seek ye the Lord while He may be found."

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