If You Have the Son, You Have Everything Else

by Jeffrey A. Johnson
December 12, 2011
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He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? --Romans 8:32 (KJV)

A wealthy man whose entire estate was being sold at auction after his death stipulated in his will that the portrait of his son had to be purchased first before anything else could be sold. On the day of the auction the portrait was shown to the crowd, and the bidding opened. The auctioneer asked for a high figure as a starting bid; but when no one bid on the portrait, he lowered the opening price, and then lowered it again. There were many fine pieces in the estate that the people were eagerly waiting to bid on, but no one wanted the portrait. Finally, the auctioneer just told the crowd, "Look, the owner of this estate stipulated that nothing else was to be sold until the portrait of his son was purchased." When someone in the crowd then purchased the portrait for one dollar, the auctioneer closed the auction. As the crowd sat there in disbelief and became angrier by the second, the lawyer for the deceased man came forward. He explained that according to the man's will, whoever got his son got everything else, so the entire estate went to the one who had bid one dollar.

We have a heavenly Father who has offered us His Son. He is ours if we only receive Him. Some folks, however, are so intent on getting things that they don't want to be bothered with Jesus. They don't realize that the peace they are looking for is in Him; the joy they are seeking is in Him; the love that they want is in Him. Whoever gets Jesus gets everything else God has to offer.

Father, we thank You for the gracious way in which You care for us and meet our needs. Help us to remember that Whom we get is more important than what we get. Remind us that in Christ, we receive all things. Apart from Him, we have nothing, even if we believe we have all things. Help us today to seek Jesus. In His name, Amen.

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