Making Right Turns

by Jeffrey A. Johnson
March 26, 2012
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Let us run with patience the race that is set before us. --Hebrews 12:1 (KJV)

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Pastor Eric Wiggins' wife Camille took so long getting home from the grocery store one day that he was becoming concerned about her. When she finally arrived, he was relieved but noticed that she parked really crooked in the driveway. When she came in the house, she explained that something in the car had broken--which they later learned was the tie rod, the part that helps the steering mechanism. When she started driving home, she realized the car would only make right turns, so she had to figure out how to get home only making right turns.

Some of us may feel it's taking us a long time to get to our destinations because we are required to keep making "right" turns. We may see others taking shortcuts, turning in directions that are not right, and yet they seem to be making so much better time. But we have to keep running with patience--running, so that we will make it to our destination; with patience, so that we will keep going right. We must keep going on the path God sets before us even though it may look like another path might be faster.

God, You know we get anxious and frustrated sometimes. We want so much to reach a place we know You have appointed for us, but we have to keep going the right way. We see others going their own way--sometimes right and sometimes wrong--and yet they seem to be moving ahead faster. God, help us to remember that You will never allow us to be late when we are running at Your pace for us and in the direction You have set for us. Give us patience to do things Your way and in Your timing. Amen.

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