Breaking Your Family's Curse

Thanks for taking this Bible journey with me! We have traveled through valleys and over mountains. We have faced dangers and seen the providence of Almighty God. 
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We have seen Abraham leave home under the direction of Jehovah God--not knowing where he was to go, but God guided him from the legacy of Babylonia. We explored the family mess between Sarah and Hagar, Isaac and Jacob, and Abraham and Sarah. 

We have followed the trail of this family through the family mess of the twelve sons of Jacob. This was certainly a low point and a valley in the life of this family. But, we persisted and followed Joseph out of the valley of family mess onto the pinnacle of world leadership, through grace, providence, and blessings of Jehovah God. 

We have learned on this journey that God is greater than family mess. God worked through, beneath, behind, above, beyond, and in spite of family mess to deliver Joseph to the mountaintop of his destiny. Neither Terah's idolatry, nor Abraham's passivity, nor Isaac's lying about his wife, nor Jacob's tricks, nor the treachery of Jacob's sons could keep God from lifting Joseph above this mess. Joseph was the one, through the grace and power of God, who broke the chain of family mess in his family. 

You can be the one who breaks it in your family.

The soap operas never end, but this one ended in the way that life will end for all of us who trust God to walk with us through family mess: "And they lived happily ever after." Remember, God is greater than family mess!

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