Fighting Temptation

"He ate nothing during those days and at the end of them he was hungry" (Luke 4:2).
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The enemy seeks to tempt us when we're at our weakest point. He understands that we may participate in his program when we have a need to be met. In our text, he approaches Jesus when He is in a vulnerable state. Jesus had been tempted by the devil for forty days and we're informed that He was hungry in the end.

He is weak because He hadn't eaten anything for forty days, and as a result, the enemy sought to address His condition. Please understand, that when you have been without something that you need for a while, the enemy will tempt you with something else to try and satisfy your appetite.

Jesus didn't fall for the trick of the enemy because He recognized that God would supply His needs. Besides that, He recognized that God was able to sustain Him because He had gone without food during this time. That is when you know you don't need what the enemy has to offer--if God has kept you in spite of your going through a rough season you don't need to accept what the devil is presenting.

You can make it without settling for temporary gratification. You can survive without making money in ungodly ways. You can endure without sleeping around. You can carry on without doing things that will damage your character.

When you've been going without what you need, that is a good time to remain in prayer. When you haven't had what you are accustomed to for a while, it is so important to meditate on God's Word. The enemy will tempt you when he knows you're vulnerable and you've got to depend on God to help you survive.

For further study, please read Luke 4:1-13.

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