Your Need: God's Opportunity

by Charles Stanley

2 Kings 5:1-10

Every time we follow God's leading, our obedience opens the door for Him to do great things in our lives. Yet we often resist obeying because His directions appear impractical and unreasonable--and so we doubt His intentions toward us.

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Naaman couldn't understand why the Lord would tell him to go wash seven times in the Jordan River. He thought he'd already exercised faith in coming to the prophet Elisha. He'd hoped for a spectacular supernatural healing of his disease--not to be sent on what seemed an irrational fool's mission. After all, the great Syrian commander didn't see anyone else dipping in the muddy waters and being healed. But God's instructions were specifically for him, and no one else.

If you decide you'll do what God says only on the basis of what you see others doing, you'll miss out on His best for you. Suppose Naaman decided he just couldn't do something that appeared so crazy. He would have died a leper. Likewise, when you hold out on completely obeying God, you'll never know what He would have done in your life had you only trusted Him.

Our needs are opportunities for God to transform the lives of His children. He knows that for us to become everything He created us to be, we must learn to believe in His trustworthiness--and act on it.

When facing a challenge, you have two choices. You can focus on what you lack and how God doesn't appear to be responding the way you wanted. Or, you can recognize that your need indicates His desire to teach you something--and rejoice over all He plans to accomplish.

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