Safe in the Prayer Closet

You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.
--Isaiah 25:4

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In Oklahoma City, where tornadoes frequently hit, a woman decided to invest in reinforcing her closet with steel so that when a tornado came, she and her family could hide in the closet and be safe. She did it just in time. A tornado soon hit her house, and the only thing that remained after the storm was the foundation of her house and the closet. After interviewing the woman and hearing her story, the reporter turned to the camera and said, "It's very expensive to have a closet reinforced, but it's a good investment. It's something you use every day, and then when the storm comes, it keeps you safe."

That's true of prayer as well. We pray every day. We communicate with our heavenly Father from day to day, telling Him what is on our hearts and minds and listening to what He wants to say to us. We delight in His presence and enjoy His company. But on those days when the skies darken, the winds rage around us, and the storms hit, we find that we are safe in His familiar presence.

Father, thank You keeping us safe in the storms. But thank You, too, that You are our God in the everyday routine of life. Both in good days and bad, Your presence makes all the difference. We love You. Amen.

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