The Principle of Separation for Preparation

by Joey Johnson 
January 28, 2013
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This principle of separation for preparation is seen in numerous places in the Bible. Let's just note three:

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1. God prepared Moses on the backside of the desert. Separated from all of humanity, God manifested Himself to Moses and commissioned him to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

2. God prepared Jesus in the wilderness. After forty days of temptation in the wilderness, Jesus was ready to begin His public ministry.

3. God separated John to the Isle of Patmos. There on Patmos, God gave John the Revelation of the end times.

Before God can use us, sometimes He has to separate us unto Himself to prepare us for service. Some people can't handle being alone. They turn on the TV or the radio or go out into public just to not feel alone. But how can God deal with us if He can never get us alone to Himself? 

Remember when you were dating? When you date somebody you want to get him or her all alone, right? You don't want brothers and sisters or mother and father or anybody to come along with you--you want this special person all to yourself. God wants you all to Himself, too. 

But sometimes when God wants to separate us unto Himself we try to take family members with us, family members whom God has asked us to emotionally separate from. 

Though I have touched on the reason for the separation of Lot from Abraham, I think there is still a lingering note of wonder as to why God wouldn't allow Lot to remain with Abraham. There are probably many reasons, but I think the major one is that Lot represented a link to Abraham's family, whom we suspect worshiped idols.

The same is true of us. It is likely that God may want to separate you emotionally from family members that represent a link to your codependent, dysfunctional, idolatrous family systems, along with family-of-origin issues.

That is certainly a deep reason for such a separation, but the problem is much deeper than that. God wanted Abraham, a future example of faith and trust in God, to place his full trust in Him. Yet Abraham had trouble trusting Jehovah God. God knew that Abraham's codependency and inability to trust Him would lead to more family mess. God needed to separate Lot from Abraham so that He could build Abraham into the faithful, obedient servant who would one day receive a fantastic destiny.

God knows that our codependency and inability to trust Him will lead to more family mess and block His plans to make of us what He wants us to be and to give us a fantastic destiny. Therefore, sometimes He has to separate us from a family member who has a toxic effect upon us.


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