Forsaking All I Trust Him = FAITH

February 4, 2013

Is it inconceivable to believe that the God who sits high and looks low is unable to lead, guide, and direct our lives to fulfill His purpose for us?  Does God have all power?  Once our lives are congruent with His plan for us we can and will become all that He desires us to be.

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Life can be tumultuous somewhat like a roller-coaster ride but we who have the God kind of faith know that in the midst of the storms all things are working together for our good.

The vicissitudes of life often overwhelms us causing us sometimes to be in a state of confusion: God is not the author of confusion.  

James Fortune and FIYA's chart-topping song, "I Trust You" came after a time of enduring tremendous hardships.  Isn't it absolutely amazing how one can go through lack and losses and come out with a song that impacts the world?  But why did it and does it still minister to the heart and spirit of so many people?  The answer is relatively simple.  Many people can relate and are looking for hope; that hope is best provided through the ministering of someone who's gone through the storm.

To the natural or the carnal man it is totally inconceivable to believe in a God one can't see with their physical eye; to believe that things will get better no matter what the present circumstances look like.  

The carnal man can often be equated to doubting Thomas when it comes to believing without seeing.  Thomas, when told by the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead, said in essence he would not believe until or unless he actually saw him.  Jesus said to him--blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed. (John 20)  Isn't that what he says to us when we have so clearly been given the word of God as our roadmap, dreams and visions and promises by God and everything's going haywire yet we continue to believe?  Yes, blessed are those who have not seen yet continue to trust him.

A verse in James Fortune's song starts with..."Even though I can't see and I can't feel your touch, I will trust you Lord, how I love you so much..."  His life is and has been blessed because of his trust in God.

What does it cost one to trust and believe in spite of what they see with the naked eye?  Faith! Oh yeah and continued steps of obedience.

Oh yes, many will say one is not living in the "real world".  Some will say one is off their rockers or in la-la land and off in so many ways, but whose report will you believe?

No test, no trial, no hardship endured, no rejection, no ridicule, no negative thing will change the plan God has for you.  Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a great plan for us.  He that hath begun a good work is well able and will complete it until the coming of Jesus.  

Nothing you've gone through is wasted.  Joseph tells us in the bible, even after all of the hardships and traps laid for him, it was meant for evil but God meant it for his good.  Endure and continue to trust.

Begin to daily say to God..."I Trust You" and go about pursuing your purpose with a renewed passion.  He won't let you down.  I trust him.  Do you?


Glory Wind Beneath My Wings
Publisher: REGS Books LLC | ISBN: 978-0982069929
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