Ted Williams to Release Book on How Faith, Hard Work and Humility Brought Him from the Streets to Salvation

Ted Williams, also known as the Man with the Golden Voice, has kicked his crack and alcohol habits and now thanks God for his rehabilitation.

Ted Williams was seen panhandling in Ohio a year ago and became famous when a video of him speaking went viral. Receiving millions of hits, the video made him an overnight superstar. However, he still battled his drug and alcohol addiction, stalling his journey to sobriety.

A year after that video Ted is living in a home with a fireplace and a huge walk-in closet. During an Entertainment Tonight report he testifies that it's a "Hallelujah moment" every day when he wakes up.

"A year ago, I was sleeping in tents, under bridges, smoking crack, doing all the wild things," Williams said in an interview. "But now I this is where I live, I have a fireplace."

He proudly gave a tour of his home in the video interview and spoke confidently about how different his life is now than last year. Pointing to shelves in his walk-in closet, he said that this time last year he lived out of a box.

"Now I have five boxes," he joked with the camera."What a difference a year makes, God, it's a hallelujah moment everyday I wake up."

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Setrige Crawford
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