Dr. Ben Carson Talks About his Latest Book, "America the Beautiful"

Dr. Carson believes it is a good idea for physicians, engineers, scientists and others who are trained to make decisions based on facts rather than emotion to get involved in the political arena and help guide our country. 
Historically, physicians were more involved in their communities and with governance in general. Five physicians signed the Declaration of Independence, and many of them were involved with the creation of the United States Constitution. These individuals tend to be excellent with numbers, very concerned about the welfare of others, and accustomed to hard work. In recent years, physicians spend their time in the operating rooms and scientists spend their time in laboratories. The governance of our nation is left to others. "We should be concerned not only about the health of individual patients, but also the health of our entire society," shares Dr. Carson. "Since those in the healthcare professions are among the most highly trained people in our society (a typical physician spends an average of over five years in postgraduate training), we should be willing to share the benefits of our education and critical thinking with the society that made it possible."

Dr. Carson believes as a nation, America has been favored by God because we have acknowledged Him. The forefathers of our nation were clearly guided by Sovereign leadership when they knelt and prayed for wisdom at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. Together they stood up and assembled a seventeen page document known as the Constitution of the United States of America. Our nation was founded on principles revealed to us in the Bible by a righteous and just God. These teachings began in the home and continued at school. In early public schools reading from the Bible was not only common, it was expected.

Children were taught that there was a Creator to whom they were responsible and that there was a moral code given to us by the Creator to whom we should all have to answer in the afterlife. Today the forces of political correctness are trying to erode our values by attempting to push God out of our lives. Prayer is not allowed in public schools. Many people are afraid to say "Merry Christmas" because it contains the word Christ. Dr. Carson says it is our job to stand up and be counted. We can no longer be passive. He says we should not be ashamed of our faith, and we certainly should not allow those who believe differently to change who we are in order to be politically correct. "If they do not wish to accept the godly principles that we choose to live by, we should make no attempt to force them, but by no stretch of the imagination should we allow them to force their beliefs on us," reveals Dr. Carson. He says for America to remain a pinnacle nation we must stop being political and start being logical; apply godly values and principles to govern our lives; and develop our God given talents so we become valuable to those around us.

Source: CBN News / The 700 Club
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