Christians in Seoul, South Korea Pray for Revival to Hit North Korea

April 15 is known in North Korea as the "Day of the Sun" in honor of late President Kim Il Sung's 100th birthday.

It's one of the most important dates in recent history for the communist nation. 

The 'Eternal President'
Even though he died in 1994, Kim is called the "Eternal President" and is worshipped like a god.

Dressed in their finest, thousands will travel to the capital city of Pyongyang Sunday from across North Korea. They'll march up to the giant statue of Kim and on cue, bow.

"The Korean people will definitely build up this country into a great and powerful nation by 2012, which marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of great leader Kim Il Sung," Pyongyang resident Kim Ho Nam said.

"It makes me miss him even more strongly," Pyongyang resident Pak Hyon Jong added.

As millions of North Koreans celebrate the occasion, millions of Christians in Seoul, South Korea, are praying that revival hits the communist nation.

All week they've been meeting in churches, homes, and small groups to ask God to tear down the walls of oppression in North Korea.

"The people there have suffered for so long, something has to change," one South Korean woman said.

"When you look at the situation in the natural it seems impossible," another woman said. "But with God nothing is impossible. We just need to keep praying."

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