Robert A. Schuller Jr. Is Setting the Record Straight About the Schuller Family Issues

hcsp.jpgRobert A. Schuller, the son of televangelist Robert H. Schuller, didn't talk to his family much in the months after he resigned from The Crystal Cathedral in 2008--and he didn't follow the saga around the church bankruptcy on purpose.
Now that the dust has settled, Schuller is sharing his heart about the health of his father and his relationship with is family, and offering some encouraging words for others going through difficult transitions.

Charisma News caught up with Schuller, author of the new book When You are Down to Nothing, God Is Up to Something, in the second of this two-part series. Click here to read part one, "Schuller Discusses What Went Wrong at Crystal Cathedral."

Charisma News: Was it really hard to watch your dad go through all the accusations and loss in the drama surrounding the Crystal Cathedral? Some were saying your father has dementia and there were many rumors flying around. What's the truth?

Schuller: My father is 85 years old. He'll be 86 in just a few months and for the past few years he's definitely had memory loss. He hasn't had control of his emotions very well. He doesn't know how to solve problems. He's confused about different things and my understanding is that's really a form of dementia.

When I was a young man in the Crystal Cathedral, my dad was very intuitive and immediately active as far as the order of worship is concerned. We would be in worship and he would nudge me and say "Robert, you've got to get up there." Because of the taping, it was important for us to be in place. So when the music stopped, you started speaking immediately. A second on television is an eternity. By the time I left the cathedral in 2008 he couldn't follow the program. He didn't know it was time for him to go up on the pulpit. He would ask me numerous times until I finally would coach him, saying "It's time for you to go up now, Dad." He definitely suffered from memory loss and the other signs of dementia.

Charisma News: I've read there was a time when you were not talking to your family. What is that relationship like now?

Schuller: I have a good relationship with my parents. We recently went over to my father's house with my new grandsons. We had four generations in the picture. My grandson's name is Robert. He's Robert the fourth.

Charisma News: So what advice would you give then to other people who suddenly find themselves having change direction and take a new path in life?

Source: Charisma News | Jennifer LeClaire
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