Viola Blayton Brooks, Mother of Rev. Fred Luter Jr., Passes Away at Age 82

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Viola Blayton Brooks, the mother of newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter Jr., passed away Wednesday, June 27, at the age of 82.

A life-long resident of New Orleans, Brooks was one of two daughters born to Joseph and Winnie Blayton, who preceded her in death. She grew up in New Orleans' Third Ward neighborhood and later moved to the city's Lower Ninth Ward.

As a single parent, Brooks worked multiple jobs, including as a seamstress and an assistant surgical technician, to provide for her five children. Luter has said his mother worked extremely hard to make ends meet or to get them "close enough to wave at each other."

"She sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am today, and where all the siblings are today," Luter said. "She worked hard to provide for us a life. I just thank God for all the sacrifices she made for us through the years."

In raising her children, Brooks made sure they attended church. Luter said she was the one who planted the seed of faith in his life.

"Yes indeed, she was the one," he said.

Because of her failing health, Brooks was not able to attend Luter's nomination and election June 19 to the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention, but she was able to watch via the Internet.

"She was excited; she told me she cried," Luter said. "I went to see her the next day in between sessions, and she just told me how proud she was of me. She always did say that, though. She always did."

Luter said that, typically, when he would visit his mother, she would greet him with "Well, look at my pastor" when he'd walk through the door.

"But that day when I came in, she said, 'Well, look at my president,'" he said. "So it was pretty neat."

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Frank Michael McCormack
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