Pastor of the Largest Church in Europe, Sunday Adelaja, Charged with Fraud and Heading a Criminal Bandit Group; Church Makes Urgent Call for Prayer

4798Sunday Adelaja has been involved in a political battle in the Ukraine since 2009 involving racial discrimination and religious victimization. But last week, in a heightening of the case, he was invited to report Tuesday to the state police for what many fear is an arrest and detention. Adelaja is founder and pastor of The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, Ukraine, what is widely known as the largest church in Europe. The pastor, who is Nigerian born, was described in The New York Times last year as one of the Ukraine's "best known public figures." The following is a letter for a call to prayer from Adelaja's church, sent last Wednesday.
Senior Pastor Sunday Adelaja was invited on Tuesday, Aug. 21, to the police station where he was given another charge.

The case against Pastor Sunday was requalified from fraud to organizing a criminal and dangerous bandit group that specializes in committing heavy crimes. In this new case Pastor Sunday is being charged as the head and organizer of this dangerous criminal bandit group.

Today all five people accused along with Pastor Sunday were arrested by the police and Pastor Sunday has been invited to the same police station for interrogation as the head of the group for Tuesday, Aug. 28.

So we need to pray:

1) That God will not allow them to imprison our pastor.

2) That God will reveal the truth on this matter and destroy all the plans of the enemy against Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God church.

3) We are also inviting you to join the church's 40-day fast that started today for this situation.

4) And we ask that you write to your representatives in your government to appeal to the Ukrainian government against the injustice that has been leveled against Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God church.

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