Tavis Smiley Gives Top 20 Excuses that Black Folks Will Give If Obama Loses

4798Tavis Smiley has been feeling his funny bone and has come with 20 reasons why Black folk need to vote in this upcoming election.
Be sure to see Tavis' last three sentences which drives home his point about voting.

1.              "They said Obama was winning!"

2.              "I didn't get to the polls, but I did say a prayer for the brotha!"

3.              "You know they wasn't gonna let no Black man have no two terms!"

4.              "See, what had happened was...."

5.              "I couldn't get my outfit together!"

6.              "Racism."

7.              "I must have caught that 'Romnesia,' is it 2012 already?"

8.              "They knew in the second term he was finally gonna hook US up!"

9.              "That damn Stacey Dash!"

10.           "They suppressed my vote!"

Source: EURWeb.com
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