WATCH: A First! Tyler Perry Leads Colbert and America in Prayer for Our Country's Leaders; Tells Colbert 'I Use Madea to Anesthetize the Audience and Then I Work on Their Souls'

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"Oprah gave me a beautiful set of kitchen knives. Don't make me cut a Tyler Perry." -- Stephen Colbert

Highlight: As the title character in the upcoming release of action thriller Alex Cross, Tyler Perry, perfector of the black sitcom-dramedy, has momentarily hung up his Madea-style moomoo, grabbed a badge and a bigger gun to play an admitted badass detective. Apparently, there are no days off for the multiple-title having Perry though. Of course, this new movie deserves a prayer -- so in last night's episode of the late night talk show that's what he and Colbert decide to do, pray. Can we get an amen?

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