Barnes & Noble CEO, William J. Lynch Jr., Says No Longer Reads Physical Books Anymore

It's not everyday that the CEO of a major American company say he doesn't use his company's most important product, at least in terms of how much money that product rakes in. Which is probably why it's worth two minutes of your time to listen to Barnes & Noble CEO William J. Lynch, Jr. tell Bloomberg News' Nicole Lapin precisely that in an interview on Friday.

"I don't really read physical books anymore," Lynch told Lapin while apparently standing in a Barnes & Noble lined with paper books. "I like to read digitally. My wife is reading a lot of physical books."

We get it: Barnes & Noble, the legacy book seller that introduced its line of NOOK ereaders in 2009, is and has been for some time a digital-first company. It knows that every year a growing portion of the public is reading books on tablets in lieu of physical copies. And for its survival, it wants those tablets to be NOOKs.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
Dino Grandoni
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