Does the New Leadership In China Mean Good Things for Persecuted Christians There?

The leader of a Christian outreach in China says the recent power transition in the Communist government could mean good things for long-persecuted Christians there.


That's according to Brent Fulton, president of China Source, a ministry set up to prepare for the vast population of China opening up to the Gospel, much as residents behind the Iron Curtain did in the 1990s.

It's a cooperative effort of the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies, Interdenominational Foreign Missions Association, World Evangelical Fellowship and the Billy Graham Center, whose officials saw the need for a coordination among ministries.

Fulton was interviewed by Open Doors News, formerly Compass Direct News, about his observations regarding this month's power transition to a new controlling political committee, and what that means for the nation's 80 million Christians.

Historically, Christians have been persecuted in China, with government limits on meetings, membership, Bible ownership, and message. Jail has not been uncommon for evangelicals who want to deliver the Gospel message.

Fulton was asked about the religious freedom that may or may not develop with the changed leadership.

"The whole question of how they're handling religion was discussed at the Patry Congress," he said. "So they [Communist leaders] have been, and they continue to think about, how to do this better.

"They know their current religious policy didn't work. But as soon as you get into the details, it becomes very messy. Even if they recognize the Christians are basically very helpful people, and if they were just to be given more freedom they would do good things, what do you do about the other faiths, the other religious groups?" he said. "For example the ... Muslims out in the West, who are seen as an active political threat. Or, what do you do about cults that are active in China that ... haven't been recognized to date? So, how to open up things, but yet maintain stability, has always been a really thorny issue for them."

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