Dogpile On Social Media

4798I don't know about you but when I was kid and was outside playing with my friends, especially in the colder months, you could always count on at least one of us yelling at the top of our lungs "Dogpile on (insert name here)!"
The way the Dogpile worked was whomever was not the poor sap whose named was shouted out, would proceed to jump on top of him and work to create a tower of humanity with the unfortunate Dopile-ee at the bottom of the heap. Oh man, what great memories and great fun. Of course it wasn't so much fun when you were the Dogpile-ee, always better to be the Dogpile-er.

The reason I bring all this up is it seems it's about that time again for many to in fact Dogpile on social media and in particular on social media marketing.

The latest came from Todd Wasserman over at Mashable with his Let's Face it: Most Social Media Marketing Is a Waste of Time piece in which he writes among other things "... a lot of the buzzword-laden blather around social media marketing the past few years was itself a form of marketing for self-conferred experts looking to make a buck off scared blue-chip companies."

There's a couple of things worth noting before I go on.

1. There is a disclaimer at the top of Todd's article so all readers know that these are Todd's opinions only and do not reflect those of Mashable. Good call there guys for you surely don't anyone thinking Mashable has any issue with social media, right?

2. I agree with some of what Todd has to say.

First when he uses the term "self-conferred experts" I want to scream to the highest heaven for nothing gets under my skin then those dolts who hang a shingle with words like "social media expert" on it. The other day I got a LinkedIn request from someone who represented themselves as a "Certified Social Media Consultant."

Are you kidding me? Certified? I checked out their profile then went to their site where I discovered they were a member of the International Business School for Applied Social Media.

Good God, someone get me a barf bag stat.

This kind of crap is what makes those of us who "get social media" absolutely crazy.

Source: Forbes | Steve Olenski
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