Egypt's Justice Minister says a Resolution to the Egyptian Crisis Is 'Imminent'

4798A resolution is imminent to the political crisis stemming from the Egyptian president's move to give himself sweeping new powers, the country's justice minister said Monday.
Hours before President Mohammed Morsi was due to meet members of the Supreme Judiciary Council to discuss the package of decrees announced Thursday, Ahmed Mekki spoke with reporters, although he did not indicate precisely what he based his prediction for the quick resolution.

Morsi's move put him above any kind of oversight, including that of the courts. The judiciary council is in charge of the courts.

The opposition, meanwhile, denounced the decrees as dictatorial, and vowed to press on with street protests until Morsi rescinds them.

On Sunday, Arizona Sen. John McCain called on President Obama to renounce Morsi's move to seize full control of the country, saying the president should "condemn" his actions.

"First we must condemn it," the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee told "Fox News Sunday." "Then we can outline what actions might be taken."

Morsi announced his intentions last week, just one day after he helped broker a cease-fire agreement in Israel between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas in the Gaza strip.

"This kind of power is not acceptable to the United States," McCain said. "Renounce the statement and the move that [Morsi] just made."

The Obama administration on Friday asked Egypt to adopt a constitution complete with checks and balances.

Source: Fox News
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