Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z Tapped by Microsoft to Promote Windows Phone 8

We've all heard the statistic: Microsoft's allegedly spending a whole truckload of money to market Windows 8. And we've all heard about what that's going to mean: Essentially, Windows 8 on every corner; advertisements in every place you read; mentions in everywhere you frequent.
And, now, how about endorsements from the very celebrities you admire, follow, and chat about?

According to a new report by The Sun, British actor James Corden -- of the Broadway play One Man, Two Guvnors -- is joining Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani to help Microsoft hawk Windows Phone 8 to the masses. And they're hardly the end-all, be-all list of Microsoft celebrity endorsers: Jessica Alba helped Microsoft show off Windows Phone 8 at the company's official launch event for the platform, and the company's already been pushing out TV ads featuring Will Arnett and Holly Willoughby, to name a few.

The ads themselves - well, minus Arnett's - are clearly attempting to combine celebrity appeal with simplicity. In Willoughby's, for example, she's shown briefly interacting with the common features and apps found on her Nokia Lumia 920 and describing how they allegedly help out her life as a parent. It's an easy, conventional advertisement that looks to show viewers that celebrities - and people of all ages - can tap into (and benefit from) all the conventions that Windows Phone 8 has to offer.

SOURCE: David Murphy
PC Mag
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