How God's Love Can Trump Family Dysfunction

4798I know a guy named David who has a mega complex family. In fact, it is so complex he feels the need to draw you a picture - a literal family tree - to show you his lineage.

Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock Church in San Diego. (Photo: The Rock Church)
Abandoned by his biological parents at an early age, he was raised by his ex-stepmother. That woman had a daughter with David's birth father. David's biological mother had five children with two different men, and his father had five children with three different women. So there are half-brothers and half-sisters he barely knows scattered around the country. It is no surprise that, even as an adult, David struggles to figure out where he fits in.

"My family is the very definition of dysfunction," he says. "But did you ever notice that within the word 'dysfunction' is the word 'function' in there somewhere?"

David did not grow up with the security of unconditional love. He spent his formative years looking for trouble, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of abandonment.

God Loved You First
When you communicate love to a child, something beautiful happens in his heart and mind. It builds security and belonging. But when this basic need - love - is missing, children learn to feel alone and disowned.

Was your family rooted in turmoil or harmony? Maybe you, like David, did not experience love from the beginning of your life. Maybe, even today, you often feel unloved or wonder if love will wait, stay or return. If that's the case it's time to fully accept God's commitment to you: We love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

God has loved you before you came to be, and He will never stop. He will never love you more or less, regardless of your actions. You cannot earn His love or prove yourself unworthy. This is not the result of actions you take or don't take, nor does it have anything to do with who you are as a person. It's because of who He is.

Let this sink in: God sees intrinsic and infinite value in you; therefore you are valuable beyond measure.

Source: Christian Post

Miles McPherson, a former defensive back with the San Diego Chargers, is senior pastor of the Rock Church, San Diego, and author of DO Something! Make your Life Count.

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