Kevin Clash 'Elmo' Accuser says he Was Pressured Into Recanting his Story

4798Sheldon Stephens says he was pressured into recanting his underage sex allegation and insists he's telling the truth.
Oh Lord, here we go again.

Just when the voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, thought it was safe to resume his life, he gets the bomb dropped on him one more time.

Now, Sheldon Stephens, who accused Clash of having sex with him while he was underage, wants to recant his recant, so to speak. He's back to standing by his original story that Clash had underage sex with him.

According to TMZ, he's now claiming that he was pressured into recanting it, and is now interviewing lawyers to help him undo his settlement.

As we reported, Clash and Sheldon Stephens entered into a settlement in which Clash agreed to pay Stephens $125,000, but in return the agreement provides the following:

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