Liberty Counsel President, Anita Staver on How Conservatives Lost Women Voters

4798Late last year when a presidential primary candidate was asked how he was going to reach women voters, he responded that he was polling well with women. Oh, oh. He seemed clueless about what most women really want. Once again, women were being taken for granted and once again we could lose - big time. And lose, we did.
Reaching women is not a new concept. The importance of our vote should be well-known, as women have registered and voted at a higher rate than men since the 1980.

One would think every campaign would have a proven strategy by now. But, while I don't claim to speak for all American women, no doubt many of us rolled our eyes and sighed or cringed at some of the conservative candidates' messaging. We may not relish the haranguing and rudeness, but we are willing to ignore it if our candidate can clearly articulate how their positions and plans will improve life for us and our families.

Candidates cannot just treat women like we matter just to get our vote. Women can spot a phony - we have experience. They cannot take us for granted, or treat us like a bunch of airheads who will fall for a good line. Instead of telling us what we should think, they should pay attention to not only what they say, but also how they live - 24/7/365.

Developing consistent, conservative messages, and that resonate with women of all ages is important. But it is just as critical for candidates to start living like they believe those messages, and start telling us how their message is relevant in our lives. A convincing message must be clear and it must connect with the heart.

When a candidate says he's pro-life, like most Americans, what does he mean? Professing a pro-life belief is necessary for a conservative candidate, but it is not sufficient. How does that translate into real life? What will he really do about it? Does he help single moms? Does he also care about the children we already have? Will he mow an elderly neighbor's yard or run errands for the sick? Will he throw out senseless regulations so we can feed the homeless? These are pro-life principles, too, that solidifies the pro-life message and makes it relevant.

Source: Christian Post

Anita Staver is an attorney and President of Liberty Counsel,
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