Michael Brown Says He Has Been Attacked for Writing An Open Letter to His Black Evangelical Friends

My article "Open Letter to My Black Evangelical Friends" elicited some very helpful comments along with words of affirmation and, unfortunately, a number of very ugly comments. The thoughts of many hearts were certainly revealed!

Is it possible that some of the readers were not aware of the great love and respect I have for my black brothers and sisters and that it was out of love and respect that I asked some pointed questions? Is it possible that some readers wrongly viewed me as some kind of white supremacist, completely misreading my words and my intent? Perhaps I assumed too much about our unity in Jesus?

Thankfully, I did receive a number of very insightful comments, and that is the best place to start. (The only comments I will be citing were those that were made, to the best of my knowledge, by my black brothers and sisters.)

Tommy explained that "there have always been two Americas, white privileged America and separate and unequal black America," and white evangelicals were all too often on the wrong side of pressing moral and social issues, like the Civil Rights movement. (Pro-integration leaders like Billy Graham were often the exception to the rule.)

And so, as Mr. Bailey noted, "Perhaps the answer to Mr. Brown's question has more to do with the history of racism against black people in the US that anything theological. Therefore in our gut (yes I am black) we want to vote for Obama precisely because he is black whether we agree with his policies or not."

Pastor Samuel wrote that, "Many black people, place racial issues above the subject of abortion, gay marriage, stem-cell research, and America's relationship with Israel."

He also explained that, "You must first understand what the Black Christian is thinking. You must take the time to hear their heart. Even if you disagree, you must at least hear them out and attempt to understand their perspective. There is no other way you are going to have a meaningful conversation with us."

Exactly! And that is why I wrote the article. It was to have a meaningful conversation.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
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