Michelle Obama on her Love for Hip-Hop

4798Before the election, while D.L. Hughley and Lupe Fiasco were fighting about whether or not it's dumb to pass up a voting opportunity, First Lady Michelle Obama, as usual, was doing her thang and getting the young folks excited in her own ingenious fashion. It's all about the marketing baby.
She spoke with 102 JAMZ/Orlando about the Old School jams on her iPod (Heavy D and a little Chubb Rock) along with her healthy lifestyle campaign.

Since the beginning, the hip mom and unofficial second in command has been pushing the health agenda hard, using music as her vehicle to reach the youth.

Last year she surprised the nation with a rendition of Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied" along with a workout routine for the Let's Move! Campaign.

She says Hip Hop helps keep people interested in the cause, while her husband certainly has won over a new age of voters because of it.

Source: EURWeb.com
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