Some Christians Are Calling Denzel Washington's New Movie "Vulgar"

See it at your own risk. That's what some viewers of faith who have seen "Flight," the new action thriller starring Christian Academy Award-winner, Denzel Washington, are saying. Though the film is already generating strong Oscar Buzz, plenty of negative buzz is coming from the Christian community from those who say the film is in poor taste.

The basic plot revolves around a pilot (Denzel Washington), who becomes an overnight hero when he miraculously lands an ailing airplane and saves the lives of everyone onboard. But fame turns on him just as fast when the accident's investigation uncovers some unexpected information.

Sounds pretty good and interesting.

But the movie description and previews don't adequately prepare moviegoers for the dark, vulgar, and gritty tale of sin where sex, pornography, drugs, alcohol, profanity, and all that is perverse, is put on display.

If you're squeamish, Flight just might have you flying out of the theater.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
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