The Game Ought to be Ashamed of Releasing a Profanity Driven Hallelujah Song

Jayceon "The Game" Taylor has been releasing new tracks in preparation of his upcoming "Jesus Piece" album, and like many of his other religious-themed songs, "Hallelujah" has some fans questioning the self-proclaimed Christian's relationship with God.
In his recently released song "Hallelujah", the rapper speaks about trying to focus on a church service while struggling with worldly thoughts, desires and influences. The rapper opens up the song with a hook that infuses praises to God with profanity.

"Halle (expletive) lujah/ All my real (expletives) I salute ya/ All the bad (expletives), I'ma run through ya/Hop in my holy ghost/ Hallelujah, down, down, down, down/ Hop in my holy ghost/ Hallelujah, down, down, down, down."

The song caused some non-religious rap fans to question the rapper's intent.

"I'm not the most religious person but Game (is) pushing it with this 'Hallelujah' track," one person tweeted. "Yelling 'halle (expletive) lujah' smh."
Another person called the rapper's efforts blasphemy.

"Game has a song with Jamie Foxx called 'Hallelujah'!! Smh Blaspheming the Holy Spirit," the person exclaimed on Twitter. "This fool done lost his mind!!"

Still, another person thought that the rapper's eternal fate was sealed after listening to the vulgarity of the lyrics.

"Game is going to hell for that 'Hallelujah' track," the person tweeted.

SOURCE: Christine Thomasos
Christian Post 
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