Uganda Drops Death Penalty for Homosexuals In Anti-Homosexual Bill

Ugandan lawmakers have reportedly dropped the clause allowing the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality" from a controversial anti-gay bill.

Lawmakers in Uganda have scrapped a proposal to make homosexuality punishable by death.

A parliamentary committee dropped the death penalty clause from the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill but otherwise endorsed the legislation, MP Medard Segona told the BBC today.

The provision was the most extreme of several increased punishments for homosexuality, and led to the bill being nicknamed the "kill the gays" bill.

Uganda's legal and parliamentary committee has made "substantial amendments" to the draft legislation, said Segona, adding that the death penalty provision was opposed by "some of us who are human rights activists."

Originally, the bill would have made "aggravated homosexuality" - which it defines as repeated homosexual acts, gay sex with a minor or someone with disabilities, or when one partner has HIV - a capital offense.

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SOURCE: GlobalPost
Jessica Phelan
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