Why America and the World Should Stand With Israel

There is a question that haunts every Israeli: Are we alone?

When rockets slam into Israeli schools and homes; when suicide bombers detonate themselves; when media organizations recirculate falsified images, like those today that purport to come from Gaza but really come from Syria; when international organizations condemn with fine impartiality both those who commit terrorist atrocities and those who defend against terrorist atrocities - when those things happen, as they do again and again, that is always the question Israelis ask: Are we alone?
Well, let them look at this hall and all the other halls joined by video link.
Israel is not alone.

I wish everyone in Israel could see this hall tonight. Here are gathered Jews and Christians; believers and atheists; men and woman and girls and boys of every age - gathered from so many countries of origin in this great multicultural city of Toronto - all to say: We stand with Israel.

All of us carry Israel in our hearts. Most of us carry a piece of Israel in our pockets. The camera in your smart phone is a technology invented in Israel. I hope you will make use of those cameras tonight: that you will take photographs of this great meeting to distribute via social media and the Internet, more technologies to which Israel has contributed so greatly. We want them to see this rally in Tel Aviv and know: Israel is not alone. We want them to see this meeting in Jerusalem and know: Israel is not alone. And yes, we want them to see this meeting in Gaza, in Cairo, in Doha ... and in Tehran. We want them all to know: Israel is not alone.

No country on earth faces such hatred as Israel.

Yet we are not here to express hatred in return. We are here to express love: love for the land of Israel, the brave people of Israel, the heroic armed forces of Israel.

We are here to express gratitude to those good people of every faith and every country who have supported Israel and its people. In your millions, we thank you.

We are here to express respect for those in the Arab and Islamic world who work for peace alongside Israel. We yearn for a future shared with you.

We are here to express sympathy for the Palestinian men, women, and children who have exploited as human shields by killers - and who have been plunged into poverty, statelessness, and violence by leaders who flinched from leadership.

We are here to express sadness at the terrible cost of these long decades of unnecessary strife to all the peoples of the region.

We are here to express confidence that the people of Israel still live - and will ever live - in freedom, dignity, and democracy.

We are here to express tremendous pride in Canada. The state of Israel has no stronger and more reliable friend than Canada and its government, and the people of Israel know it. What a wonderful thing to say, and may Canadians always be able to say it.

The enemies of Israel are proud to say they love death. The friends of Israel do not share their nihilism. The Jewish people have known too much death. Israel loves life so much that Israelis risk their own lives to minimize the loss of life even among Israel's enemies.

By the most recent count, 1,540 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel this year.

Nine rockets were fired in January 2012.

Thirty-six rockets were fired in February 2012.

173 rockets were fired in March 2012.

And so it went through October 2012.

Against this indiscriminate violence, Israel has responded with restraint. An advanced country like Israel possesses fearsome powers of destruction. But while Israel's enemies respect no limits - while they are as happy to kill children as adults, to hit a hospital as to hit an airbase - Israel has applied its advanced technology to target as precisely as possible, to spare the innocent and to protect the vulnerable.

We mourn the death of non-combatants. We see and feel the grief of Palestinian parents weeping the loss of a child - even in those cases where we know that those same grieving parents would not mourn the loss of a Jewish child.

As the world media tally non-combatant losses in Gaza, we stand here today to bear witness to the truth that no country in the history of warfare has done more than Israel to protect the civilian populations of its enemies from the wars those enemies themselves started.

Even as the rockets fly from Gaza into Israel, electricity and drinking water continue to flow from Israel into Gaza. When Gazans are injured, they find treatment in Israeli hospitals; when Gazans are hungry, it is through Israel that international aid arrives.

When you see on TV or read online condemnations of Israel for this or that, think of this. Gaza is ruled by a terror group that would, if they could, commit genocide against the people of Israel. Israel is ruled by a democratically elected government that would , if it could, offer Gaza trade, aid, jobs, and development.

After so many years of terrorism, the people of Israel have mighty reason for anger. Yet the greatest anger in Israel is anger that Israel has again been driven to fight when Israel did not want to fight. The greatest anger is that Israel must waste the talents of its people fighting wars instead of curing diseases, inventing devices, and leading all the Middle East to freedom, prosperity, and peace.

Source: The Daily Beast | David Frum

David Frum is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. He is the author of eight books, including most recently the e-book WHY ROMNEY LOST and his first novel Patriots, published in April 2012.
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