A 2013 Resolution: To Pray More Boldly In the New Year, Follow the Example of Our Nigerian Brothers

Once more, Lord, we pray for our Western believers--in America, England and other Western countries--may they team up together with us for prayer because the situation is very tense. But with You, O Lord, there is protection. So may we team up and pray.

The morning is sunny and the tea is hot as we bow our heads to pray with Pastor Mohamed Dan'Amoriya and his wife Joyce in Bauchi city. Bauchi is the capital of Bauchi state, one of a number in northern Nigeria that in the last decade has adopted the strict Islamic code known as Sharia law. In its effort to impose Sharia across all of Nigeria, the militant Islamic group Boko Haram has in the last two years killed at least 1,400 Nigerians. 

Dan'Amoriya stands at the front lines. He pastors the first church of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) denomination in Bauchi on the city's main road, where he has witnessed dozens of churches burned and Christians attacked. He is at Ground Zero in the sustained assault by Islamist terrorists on Christians--what The Atlantic journalist Jeffrey Goldberg has called "the most under-covered story these days."

Just before my visit last year Boko Haram robbed banks and set fire to police headquarters only a mile up the road. Before that, the militants killed eight youth and a policewoman. They beheaded the policewoman, leaving her head on her chest. They killed two church leaders, friends of Dan'Amoriya. And "just last Saturday night," he suddenly remembers, there were three bomb blasts in Bauchi--"all aimed at churches"--but no one was hurt. 

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Mindy Belz
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