After Sandy Hook Massacre, 'Rally Cry' for Return to God

Following the Sandy Hook massacre, the debate over what to do to protect children continues. But one attorney asserts that God is the best defense.

Alliance Defending Freedom's Matt Sharp points out that God is being left out as a solution in the debates about what to do to protect children in schools from another massacre like the one in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th. But that, he says, is exactly the opposite of what this country needs.

"We really need to call out for everyone to kind of return to God in times like this, to realize that He is the true source of our strength, our source that descends through so many scriptures -- from the psalmist about God is our refuge and the cleft in the rock that hides us in times like this Psalm 18:2; 46:1)," the legal counsel cites.

He says the nation as a whole needs to repent of the efforts of many to drive God out of schools and the public square.

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Bob Kellogg
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