Bob Marley's Family Settles Trademark Lawsuit

4798 After a year long legal battle involving Bob Marley's half brother, Richard Booker, his widow, Rita Marley, and nine children, the legendary family has officially settled a trademark lawsuit, TMZ reports.
According to the suit filed on December 1, 2011, Booker and several affiliated companies were violating copyright and trademark laws using Marley's intellectual property to promote an annual Miami music festival without authorization.

Since then, Booker and his legal team filed a counter suit claiming the iconic musician granted him permission to use his likeliness, all of which has led both parties to come to an agreement out of court.

"This was a very sensitive case because the legacy of a great man and family were at stake," Booker's lawyer, Michael I. Santucci explained to TMZ. "From what I have learned about Bob Marley, he would be very happy, especially that his family is now at peace. Both parties were happy with the settlement agreement."

As expected, Reggae's first family has upheld a significant amount of input in Marley's estate. Earlier this year while promoting the first official documentary supported by the family, Ziggy Marley opened up to the Huffington Post about the family's involvement with the project.

Source: Huffington Post Black Voices
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