Columnist Wrongly Comes Down Hard on Tim Tebow Calling Him a Loser and a Phony

Tebow Turned Out To Be A Phony.jpg
I could sense something was strange during training camp up in Cortland. Even other reporters talked about it as well. With every media session involving Tim Tebow that came and went, there was something bizarre about our chats with the Jets' new backup quarterback.

He really sounded like a phony.

And now it's obvious that the first impressions of Tebow were correct.

It should not come as a surprise that reports indicate that Tebow opted out of the wildcat package for Sunday's game against the Chargers when he was told that Greg McElroy would get the start over him. Tebow's "I'll do whatever I can to help the team" pledge from the day that the Jets acquired him turned out to be nothing but utter nonsense.

Tebow is not the good teammate that we all thought he was and now it seems as if reports about him being a bad apple in the locker room are true. What does it say about someone, who has captivated the world with his religious faith, doesn't want to be a part of the game plan to help his team win?

My thought had always been that the Jets didn't handle this whole Tebow thing very well. Why would you trade a 4th round pick for someone, tell the world about your grand master plan for him, and then hardly ever use him?

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Peter Schwartz
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