Dinesh D'Souza Still Insists He Did Nothing Wrong, Looks Ahead After Obama Re-election

Your documentary, "2016," suggested that if Obama were re-elected, America would never again be the country we know and love. Specifically, how do you predict America will change? 
"2016" is based on an experiment: what if you let Obama do it himself? That experiment is necessarily limited because I'm not factoring in a Republican House, a Supreme Court or the tug of public opinion.

Did you make those qualifications in the film? I don't remember that part. 
I implied it.

But it felt like "2012," the movie where the world explodes. What's the scariest thing that's going to happen? 
The scary thing is a dramatic erosion of American position in the world -- its economic, military position, as well as America's influence. Obama is not the man at the wheel desperately trying to conserve American power, influence and wealth. For ideological reasons, he wants the slipping to continue. He's actually the architect of it.

In your film, you traveled to Nairobi to interview Obama's half brother, to get him to express frustration that the president hasn't helped him financially. It had to be disappointing when he wasn't upset at all. 
Initially. Then I realized that this gives the story a more interesting twist. I expected George to be this helpless slum kid who had an outstretched hand. In fact, I find George to be a cunning, self-reliant guy -- in a certain respect, a kind of conservative. He's not looking for a handout. I admired George for that.

You suggest that President Obama may have decided not to support George because of his politics. 
That's right. It may be that Obama doesn't want to help George because he sees George as an ideological enemy.

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SOURCE: The New York Times
Andrew Goldman
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