Egyptian Senate Convenes After Approval of Constitution

4798Egypt's upper house of parliament has convened for its first session since President Mohamed Morsi signed a decree putting the controversial new Islamist-backed constitution into effect.

A general view shows the Shura Council during its meeting in Cairo, December 26, 2012.
The Shura Council met on Wednesday to swear in 90 new members appointed by Morsi. The council is also expected to begin setting the framework for elections in the lower of house of parliament within the next two months.

Morsi signed the decree late Tuesday, after the election commission said almost 64 percent of voters had backed the constitution in this month's polling.

However, liberal and secularist-led opposition groups have vowed to continue protests against the measure.

They say their interests were not represented when the draft constitution was formulated.  Also, some opponents say the document ignores the rights of women.

Source: VOA News
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