Even in America Today, Cab Drivers are More Likely to Pass by Blacks

by Cord Jefferson

Ever come across a study that "proves" something you've known for years? Like a study that shows "relaxing can make you fatter," for instance, or one that says older people prefer happier memories to sadder ones. Well, today there's a study that most Black folk living in cities could have told scientists a long time ago, saving them a whole bunch of money and time.
The study's finding: Black people "may" have a harder time catching cabs than white people.

Yep, that's the news...or non-news.

The groundbreaking reportage from CBS' Washington, D.C., local station states:

While participating in an undercover investigation, an African-American staffer with 9News Now attempts to hail a taxi and be driven somewhere within the city. 

In the event service is refused, a white passenger attempts to take the same taxi to an address near where the first man requested. 

Video shows at least one of the 40 taxicab drivers taped during the investigation agreeing to take the white passenger to a location in Southeast moments after declining to transport the African-American man to the same area just moments earlier.

If you'd like to watch video of the prejudiced cabbies, go here. But chances are many African-Americans out there won't need to watch the footage, as they've probably been bypassed by a cab themselves firsthand. In fact, it's such a common occurrence that if one Googles the phrase "racist cab," more than 3.5 million results turn up.

It's nice to see news stations concerning themselves with this very common and decades-old problem, but let's get real: The problem is not that cabs "may" be bypassing Black customers in favor of white customers; it's that they are, and it needs to stop. 

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