LG 2013 Google TV to be Voice-Controlled and Have Wii-like Remote

In 2012 LG began selling Google HDTV with just two models. For 2013 LG's Google TV lineup updates and expands with two series (GA 7900 and GA 6400) consisting of seven models in five screen sizes.  Major new features include a second generation Magic Qwerty remote, the ability to voice search programs and a near borderless screen.
The GA 7900 series (pictured) includes 47 and 55-inch edge lit LED LCD screen sizes. The Google graphic user interface permits Internet browsing as well as access to movie services from Netflix and Amazon Instant, apps and premium TV video-on-demand such as HBO GO (provided you have the corresponding subscriptions).

The GUI can be navigated by voice, or tilting the LG Magic Remote control (like a Wii controller). The remote's built-in microphone allows you Siri-like control. Say "go to ABC" and the LG Google TV will change channels. Or speak a search term like "romantic comedy" and the LG Google TV will provide an on-screen list of programs available in that genre. In addition, LG's PrimeTime Quick Guide permits browsing of more than 100,000 movies and Tv programs.

Other features in the include the "Home Dashboard" which offers folders LG calls "cards" to display apps and other content. For example, the "My Interest" card can display customized weather and news information.

LG also includes the OnLive app preinstalled which turns the TV into a gaming platform without a separate console. This app offers hundreds of video games available instantly from the Internet cloud.

SOURCE: Gary Merson
NBC News
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