Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child Says She Is 'Tired of Proving to People I Am Saved'

It is an ongoing debate in many Christian circles and the controversy is rooted in a split over the answer to this question: can a person who is a Christian serve God and sing secular music that does not glorify him? Michelle Williams of best-selling R&B girl group, "Destiny's Child," believes it is indeed possible.

She offers herself up as an example.

In a July BET Lift Every Voice interview just published online Dec. 19, hosted by Derrick Watkins, better known as Diddy's former sidekick Fonzworthy Bentley, Williams--full name Tenitra Michelle--opened up about her feelings surrounding those who have invalidated her salvation based on her secular recording career.

"I felt like I was tired of proving to people I am saved," she said. "I was tired of proving to people, yes I'm in Destiny's Child, but  I am saved. If the Lord came back, I'm going with [Him]. It was crazy!"

Although Christians seem to unanimously agree that salvation through Jesus Christ is given by faith through grace, not works, according to Ephesians 2:8, that is where the uniformity in belief ends.

Once salvation is attained through Christ, there is a majority that argues Believers should refrain from any repeated behaviors that don't represent their new Christ-like nature. Some are quick to say such behaviors include performing R&B songs that glorify "worldy" lusts, sensuality, and non-Christian virtues.

The scripture used to support this perspective is Matthew 7:16, which says, "Ye shall know them by their fruit."

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News
Candi Starr
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