Most People Staying Home on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year. It is a commonly accepted reality that drinking, dancing and similar debauched delights will carry on from late evening into early morning, and a lot of people wake up in the New Year with a screaming hangover and a hazy memory of the night before.

Pictured: A jam-packed Times Square party atmosphere isn't appealing to everyone.
But there is a sizable amount of people who forgo the stereotypical revelry in favor of a quiet night in - even here in Milwaukee, a city known for its hard partying. And no, these people are not shut-ins, antisocial, friendless or lonely. In fact, most of them turn down plenty of party invites in favor of spending the night on the couch, letting the rest of the city go crazy on what many consider to be "amateur night."

Jane Lyons of Cudahy has always preferred staying at home on New Year's Eve and considers quiet time on a holiday as a welcome break.

"When I was younger, I went out so often that New Year's Eve was like any other night, with the exception that the bars were more crowded than usual," she says. "So actually, staying in was something I looked forward to. My bowling team and I used to order pizza and watch Dick Clark."

Now that she's married, she keeps an even more conservative schedule if the holiday falls during the work week. "By the time my husband and I get home, both of us are pretty tired. The evening consists of ordering pizza and at least making an attempt to make it to midnight," she says. This year the Lyons will be "staying in" in Ohio with family.

It's a similar situation for Bill McDonough, a Milwaukee native who currently makes his home in Denver. His social schedule is busy the rest of the year, but he and his partner Rob Munger are always careful to keep the night of Dec. 31 free of any engagements.

SOURCE: Colleen Jurkiewicz
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