The Value of Christians' Political Contributions

A former Navy chaplain and pro-family activist believes it's time for the church of Jesus Christ to get fully involved in the American political process.

Last week, Democrats on the Conference committee insisted on stripping an amendment from the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act that would have prevented military chapel facilities from being used to perform same-sex "marriage" ceremonies. The amendment, passed by the House on December 20, would have prevented any further incidents like the two lesbian ceremonies recently performed at West Point.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is a former Navy chaplain who runs The Pray In Jesus Name Project. "They want to desecrate the Christian chapels and abuse the facilities that are reserved for Christian worship," he tells OneNewsNow.

Klingenschmitt says part of the problem is the vast amount of money the homosexual lobby has to get liberal lawmakers elected who support their cause.

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Chad Groening
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