WATCH: Kansas City Police Release Video of Jovan Belcher Car Check Before Murder-Suicide

The Kansas City Police Department released a video on Friday of officers speaking with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher several hours before he fatally shot 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins on the morning of Dec. 1.

The KCPD also released a video, both via YouTube, that shows an officer en route to the Chiefs' facility several hours later. Belcher shot himself at the team facility after speaking with head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli.

Police spokesman Darin Snapp had previously discussed the late-night encounter, saying that Belcher had been found asleep in his parked car and claimed he was visiting the home of a "girlfriend." According to the timestamp of the video, KCPD encountered Belcher shortly after 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. Officers approached and spoke with Belcher, who appeared cooperative and stepped from the parked vehicle.

"You just need to go upstairs. We're trying to cut you a break here," an officer can be heard saying to Belcher as they make certain that he is not driving. The video ends with Belcher walking away from the vehicle toward a residence.

USA Today reported that a police spokesman had previously indicated that officers determined Belcher had been drinking. But police spokesman Capt. Steve Young told the Kansas City Star on Friday that there was no reason for officers to cite or hold him.

"There was no cause for a field test," Young said, via the Kansas City Star. "The responding officers did not smell any alcohol. As you can see, there is no stumbling, there is no slurring. You need pieces in place to give a field sobriety test. You need indications."

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
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