5 Forwards Who Would Thrive Alongside Jeremy Lin and James Harden

4798Congratulations are certainly in order. 

And maybe a present as well.
Big ups to Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden on being selected to appear in his first All-Star game. General manager Daryl Morey, if you want to get Harden a present, make it a teammate who could help Houston's favorite beard, along with backcourt mate Jeremy Lin, secure more victories.

This roster has talent and cohesiveness. They just need a bit of help. And although help in the form of new offensive schemes from the coaching staff doesn't appear to be coming, help in the form of an athletic big who can score, rebound and help Omer Asik defend the interior might just be on Morey's gift list. The Rockets' current forwards, Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris, have been something less than revelations at the 4.

Nothing says congratulations like an upgrade that might propel the Rockets into the playoffs. (Take that, Hallmark.)

Top on my gift list was Anderson Varejao, but since the curly-locked Cleveland Cavaliers power forward is out for the season--wishing you a complete recovery, Anderson--here are five alternative possibilities to fill his rather large shoes.

Source: Bleacher Report | MARSHALL ZWEIG 
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