Are You a Christian Who Sits on the Sidelines and Argues Over Revival?

I've never met a believer who didn't have an innate vision for revival. Sure, the concept of what revival actually looks like varies from person to person. But we all long to see a mass outpouring of the Holy Spirit that transforms cities and nations.

There's a problem, though: Too many Christians in America would rather sit on the sidelines and argue over what does and doesn't qualify as a revival than actually expend the energy to pray and prepare their hearts for one. If there is any hope for our country's future, this must change. Before you think I'm advocating for people to check all discernment at the door (along with their brains), let me explain.

I experienced firsthand the Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville Revival in the 1990s. I attended countless churches, conferences and events during that season where the Holy Spirit would show up in such power that any man-made agendas or sermon outlines became pointless. It was truly unique.

I also remember the stark difference between those who dove headfirst into what God was doing at the time and those who opted to sit on the sidelines. And no, I'm not talking about the Hank Hanegraaffs of the bunch who label any move of the Holy Spirit that involves flesh (i.e., people) as counterfeit; I'm referring to believers who questioned and critiqued every aspect of these moves to the point that they became frozen in their faith.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Marcus Yoars
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