Armed Robber Flees Empty-Handed After Women Chant the Name "Jesus"

Jacquie Hagler, a Lake City, Fla. home owner stopped an armed robbery when she and her friends chanted one powerful word: JESUS!

The Lake City police department reported Hagler and 14 friends were at a home jewelry party when 24-year-old, Derick Jeremy Lee barged in, threw a black bag on the table, and demanded their personal belongings.

Hagler said the armed robber yelled, "Give me your money and your phones!"

Only moments prior Hagler, party host, had instructed the women to place their purses on their laps.

Thinking this was a part of a scripted party game Hagler's friend boldly taunted the armed robber.

''He had the gun and Sharon pushed the gun away and said get that water pistol out of my face," Hagler said.

The alleged robber and party-goer argued until he assured her that the gun was real, at which point Hagler said she could see fear overtake her friend.

Hagler then felt her own wave of boldness.

"That is when I just felt this boldness come up in me, and I just stood up and said, "In the name of Jesus, get out of my house,' and he said, 'I am going to shoot someone if you don't do what I say,' and I just repeated it again," Hagler recounted. 

The other ladies followed her lead and started chanting "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"

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