Christian Psychiatrist Offers Warning to Parents About Teens' Binge Drinking

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported last week that binge drinking among young women aged 18 to 34 continues at steady levels, with one in eight women consuming four or more drinks in a single sitting. That is nearly 14 million young women who engage in binge drinking. This rate has remained steady over an approximately 15-year period.

Addiction and mental health helpline provider Lighthouse Network ( offers parents hope for healing while shedding light on warning signs that may point to a binge drinking problem in their daughters.

"Binge drinking is a significant problem for young people: It clouds the mind and decision-making, bringing harmful emotions strongly to the surface and leads to strong impulsive behaviors," says Dr. Karl Benzio, psychiatrist, founder and executive director of Lighthouse Network. "So many unintended consequences result, such as relationship strain, academic or employment struggles, financial difficulties, teen pregnancy, cutting, drug use, STDs, or legal problems including DUIs can result from binge drinking.

"Unfortunately, depression, full-blown addiction and suicide attempts are the most dangerous outcomes," he continues. "We strive to show parents warning signs, as well as to help teens and young women learn to make better, healthier decisions that lead to bright, hopeful futures--an outcome to which sustained binge drinking never leads."

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SOURCE: Charisma News
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