Hope for Christian Businesses Under ObamaCare?

Hobby Lobby and other Christian-owned businesses face heavy penalties if they don't comply with ObamaCare mandates that violate their religious beliefs. But a Texas lawmaker is gaining support for what he believes will be helpful and send a message to Washington.

State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R), who believes the fines associated with the mandates are designed to bankrupt companies like Hobby Lobby into submission, has introduced HB 649 in hopes of providing a tax break to such businesses to defray the cost of the penalties.

"Texas has a choice to make: If we allow them to go down that path, and close their doors as a result, we're going to lose that tax revenue anyway," he submits. "This bill would at least give us a fighting chance for them to continue creating jobs and producing products and services in the state."

Hobby Lobby has sued the government to overturn the requirement for its insurance to provide free coverage of abortion-causing drugs, and it faces $1.3 million a day in penalties.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Charlie Butts
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