How Honest Work Creates A Lifetime Of Joy

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We live in a time where we often see scandals surrounding money. From corporate stock scandals to local news stories of embezzlement, we are often reminded that an improper view of money can lead people to do awful and immoral things.

God's word is not silent concerning any aspect of money. While the Bible may not tell you what percentage of your income to use toward housing, or what mutual fund to invest in, or how to write a proposal for a raise, the principles found in Scripture cover every arena of the financial world. God tells us how to build a work ethic, how to be givers, the wisdom of saving, and so on.

Instruction in Proverbs
The book of Proverbs is filled with such teachings. Since Solomon-the wealthiest man who ever lived-wrote or compiled the contents of this book, it is worth our time to look to this book if we want to know how to handle our money. The principles found therein are timeless.

One of those is Proverbs 10:2  which speaks to how we earn money. Solomon wrote, "Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death" (ESV). The obvious emphasis of this verse is on having honesty and ethics in our work.

The first part of this verse is a clear statement to avoid trying to get money through sinful behavior. Greed can lead to all sorts of sin, and we too often see that in our world. Those with corrupt hearts see what they think is an easy way to riches, and their seared consciences do not hold them back from doing anything necessary to get, as Solomon put it, treasures. Insider trading, stealing, embezzlement, and peddling drugs or pornography are just a few of the behaviors tied to the get rich quick mindset. Gambling is also to be found in this mindset, and even our government, through the lottery, is preying on this wicked mindset.

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