Joel Osteen Using Social Media to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Megachurch's Media Director Explains How Online Networking Helps 'Plant Seeds of Hope'

Joel Osteen leads America's largest church and is one of the most popular megachurch preachers and Christian authors in recent times. Pivotal to his ministry, based in Texas, is its social media outreach that attracts millions of followers across several networks.

"As is the goal of any ministry, Joel Osteen Ministries seeks to reach as large an audience as possible. The tactics differ between the social media platforms, but the overall goal is the same as Pastor Joel's goal which is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to plant seeds of hope around the world," explained Andrea Davis, sr. director of Media Relations/Social Media for Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen Ministries.

"Social networking is an effective means for reaching large numbers of people and for allowing those people to share Pastor Joel's important message with even more people within their respective networks," she added, calling social media "a great witnessing tool."

Starcount, a data aggregator that tracks worldwide activity across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, consistently ranks Joel Osteen Ministries in the top three of its the daily Religious Figure Chart. Osteen's ministry is often sandwiched between fellow Christian organization Joyce Meyer Ministries and Amr Mohamed Helmi Khaled, an Egyptian Muslim activist and televangelist who manages to outrank both ministries on Starcount's all-time Religious Figure Chart.

Adding thousands of new supporters monthly to its 1.3 million Twitter followers and 2.8 million Facebook fans, one might be surprised to learn that Joel Oseen Ministries' social media team consists of only two people, although they do manage with outside help.

"We have social media platforms for both Joel and Victoria Osteen which are maintained through the Media Relations Department," Davis told The Christian Post, explaining that she oversees her department with the help of one staff person and an outside communications firm.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Nicola Menzie
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